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Guanabana (soursop) is an important fruit in the island. It is very tender and cold sensitive.

The guanabana which is heart shaped, is usually large and can grow to 5 pounds. It's skin is smooth and dark green when it is mature with soft spines on the outside surface. Inside, the fruit has white cottony flesh and lots of big brown seeds about 3/4 inches long. The seeds are toxic and are not to be eaten. Fruits mature in summer and fall. The fruit is tart but you can still eat it freshed picked. This fruit can be pulverized, strained and and mixed with rum, brandy or milk to make a tropical drink.
The pulp is also used in making salad dressings sorbets and sauces.

Soursop is low in calories and fat, and has no cholesterol. It contains dietary fibers, calcium, potassium, vitamin c, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

The guanabana is not used cooked but it does freeze well and it holds it's flavor.

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