Leche de Coco #1
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1 big coconut
Pre-heat oven to 325º F.

Pierce the eyes of the coconut, drain the liquid inside and place the liquid in the refrigerator, so you can later drink it cold. (Great for the bladder)

Place the coconut on the rack of the oven and bake for about 30 minutes.

Take the coconut out of the oven and let it cool.

Crack the coconut with a hammer so that the shell breaks into pieces.

Remove the coconut meat from the shell, peel off the brown skin and cut the meat into very small pieces.

Put the coconut in a blender, add hot water (just to cover all of the meat) and blend until finely grated. You can hand grate it too, but watch those fingers.

Place a colander covered with cheese cloth over a Tupperware bowl or bowl of your choice (not the husbandís socks please). Pour the grated coconut meat and water into the sieve, squeezing handfuls of the coconut meat to extract as much liquid as possible into the bowl. (Aprieta...a..a...a...aprieta)

Save some squeezed coconut meat to garnish and refrigerate the coconut milk and use within 1 or 2 days.
The reason to cook the coconut is so it will be easier to remove from the shell. You can skip all the cooking and just remove the coconut meat from the shell, but I guarantee you, it will be harder to do.

Coconut milk can be made with either fresh or packaged coconut. Grate the coconut by hand or break into smaller pieces and grate in a blender or food processor with approximately 2 tablespoons hot water.

Coconut milk can be used in many recipes from main dishes, beverages and desserts.

And my last hint:

For allaya bums that don't want to go thru the trouble, you can also use fresh *coconut milk* called Coco Lopez.