Leche de Coco #2
Ingredients Click Picture to Enlarge
2 cups grated coconut
2 cups boiling water
Place the grated coconut in a large bowl, add the boiling water, stir and mix well.

When coconut mixture cools off, strain through a cheese cloth and squeeze the tasteful milk. Be sure to put a bowl under to catch all the liquid.

Continue to squeeze all the coconut milk into the bowl for 4 to 5 minutes until all coconut is used.

Pour the coconut milk again through a cheese cloth or strainer with another large bowl underneath to catch the liquid.
Don’t throw away the coconut shavings because you can use it to sprinkle some on the ice treats for more “flava” (You liked that one, huh?)

I love munching on the shavings. Yum Yum Yum....