Piña Colada
Ingredients Click Picture to Enlarge
4 ounces Coconut Cream
8 ounces white Puerto Rican rum (DonQ, Bacardi, etc.)
12 ounces unsweetened pineapple juice
3 cups ice
Maraschino Cherries
2 juicy pineapples
Blend in a blender the coconut cream, and some of the pineapple juice to help in dissolving the cream.

Pour the mix in a big bowl and add the 30 oz. of rum and the rest of the pineapple juice.

Blend all ingredients by mixing until thick and creamy.

Refrigerate until serving.

When it’s time to enjoy the drink, pour it in a glass and add ice and a cherry for garnish.
You can serve the drinks in pineapple glasses by:

a) Cutting the top off the pineapples.

b) Carve out the pineapple and save the chunks for garnish.

c) Pour the piña colada into the pineapple “glasses”.

d) Garnish using the pineapple chunks and maraschino cherries.

For a little extra touch, decorate with little umbrellas.

Ratio is 1 part coconut cream, 2 parts rum, 3 parts juice.

Use rubber gloves to peel the pineapple.