Drink Recipes
How wonderful is to enjoy fresh drinks and fresh juices made from our own ground! The"Guarapo de Caña", (Sugar Cane Juice), "Mavi", (Drink made from the Mavi tree bark).

The mabi bark is taken from the tree, boiled, brown sugar is added and then an amount of previously made mabi is added. This is called "el pie". You have to select a good "pie" to obtain the right yeast. The mix is fermented for two or three days and you guessed it, then you have mabi. There is no other drink in the world like Mavi.We Ricans call this drink, "Our Rican Champagne".

And let's not forget our "Piña Colada". This famous drink was invented in Puerto Rico by Don Ramon Portas Mingot back in 1963.

The Piña Colada is now known around the world as a symbol of the islands. Thoughts of palm trees, hot sandy beaches, lelolais, girls in bikinis and all sorts of exotic, romantic happenings come to mind when you think of Piña Colada.

It is a drink prepared using pineapple juice (or pineapple shredded in a blender) and coconut cream. Puerto Rican rum may be added, for those of you that enjoy alcohol. The Coco López® brand is one of the best selling coconut creams on the island. Ask any bartender. (read less)
Champola de Guanabana
Cuba Libre
Horchata de Arroz
Leche de Coco #1
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