Veggie Recipes
Mother Earth provides everyone with food. In our island, nothing is better than a dish called "Serenata"(Serenade)

Why is it called Serenata? Because this dish is "accompanied" by Yuca, (Cassava), Yautía,(Taro Root) Plátano (Green Bananas), Chayote, (Pear like vegetable) Malanga, ( Root vegetable with brown skin and white or purple flesh) Batata, (Sweet potato) Papas, (Potatoes) Ñame, (Root vegetable with brown skin and white flesh), Apio (not celery but a root vegetable). It is served with "bacalao" (Cod Fish) and drizzled with olive oil with sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced onions, avocado and tomatoes.
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Amarillos al Horno
Batatas Asadas
Ensalada de Bacalo
Mofongo de Pana
Pimientos Rellenos
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